When I visit my friends and family, I love going through their albums and looking at all the portraits hanging on their walls. We get to connect over the stories their photos tell.

"Look how little Tilly is here!"

"Are you pregnant with me in this one, mom?"

"Grandpa, how old were you here? Was this before you met Grandma?"

How often do we go through a Facebook album the same way? An Instagram post gets likes, a couple comments, then people scroll. Our phones are full of photos of our families cause we love them so much, but how often do they get to see that expression of love? Did you know families who display photos of their children create higher self-esteem in their kids and a better sense of belonging? Your family needs happy reminders of how important they are in this big wide world.

I don't have any photos of my parents or grandparents when they were children. They either faded, discolored, or were lost. Boy, what I would give to see just one photo of my mom as a baby. To see if she looks like my daughter. For us to look back together at her incredible life. That's why it's so important to me to be able to preserve these memories for my clients now. So future generations can go back in time and because sooner than we ever expect, we lose our loved ones. When all we wish for is more time, those photographed moments are suddenly the most valuable thing we have.